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Productivity with performance
Cyberquery Accelerator
A breakthrough in data access
Cyberquery Accelerator is a breakthrough in data access technology. Most ad-hoc database queries complete thousands of times faster. The speed of Accelerator empowers you to understand trends, discover facts and find particular records in a tiny fraction of the time previously required. In business analysis, one query often leads to another - with such train of thought enquiries, the near-instantaneous response of Accelerator transforms your productivity. This leads to far greater business insight, giving you power, control and competitive advantage. Accelerator will change your perception of what is possible.
Transforms the value of your data
Even without Accelerator, Cyberquery transforms data into valuable business information. Acceleration makes Cyberquery many times more productive. Difficult queries that would otherwise have taken far too long become a breeze. Answers to questions that would have been impractical with older technology can now be produced in an instant. Accelerator maximizes throughput on your hardware too - for most queries, a small computer with Cyberquery Accelerator will outperform a massively parallel data warehouse costing millions.
Compelling technology
Cyberquery Accelerator benefits all users no matter what the size of their database. With tens of thousands of records, average query response time drops from tens of seconds to a fraction of a second. With tens of millions of records, average response time drops from hours to seconds. We believe that the advantages of Accelerator are so compelling that once you have experienced it, you will see it as being almost as essential as a phone, fax or photocopier.
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