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Bousfield enhances profitability with Cyberquery for QAD
In a mature and highly competitive marketplace, Bousfield Limited recognized the need to improve competitive advantage. With the management team starved of information and business needs changing rapidly, it was clear that existing methods of providing management information were not meeting the need.
How Cyberquery helped one of Europe's largest printing suppliers increase revenue and profitability
The Challenge
  • Management team starved of information.
  • Need for a major overhaul of pricing.
  • Focus on account management puts more emphasis on understanding customers.
  • Limited IT resources for custom report generation.
  • Outsourced reports time consuming, expensive and liable to obsolescence.
The Requirement
  • A flexible and easy to deploy solution.
  • Easy to use for both IT and non-IT staff.
  • Efficient with large volumes of data.
  • A substantial cost and time benefit over the existing reporting methods.
The Outcome
  • Cyberquery was quick and easy to install - the first reports were deployed in a matter of days.
  • Key performance indicators deployed via the Intranet.
  • Revenue increased through improved price structure enabled by Cyberquery.
  • Data quality improved through streamlined integrity audit.
  • Cyberquery is about four times more productive than the previous solution.
  • Load on IT department reduced - freeing resources for other urgent tasks.
  • Key users are empowered to obtain information how they want it, when they want it.
The Mission
Bousfield uses the MFG/PRO system from QAD Inc. Engineered with the Progress database and tools, this provides a solid foundation of data and functionality for running the business. Dave Carron, Business Systems Manager at Bousfield, was responsible for using this wealth of data to provide vital business information flexibly, reliably and efficiently. What attracted Dave to Cyberquery? "Cyberquery is more powerful, less complicated and therefore less costly than competitive products. The rollout and training time would be very short, and the hardware requirements were minimal."
Cost of custom reporting
"Previously, each time we wanted a report, we had to specify the report, hire a consultant to produce it, then spend time verifying the results. This was costing £3000 to £4000 for each report. When you require dozens of reports, this gets expensive. Then you have a fixed report with a limited shelf life owing to changing business needs. A consultant is only as good as the specification. We had to choose between spending on external consultants, developing our own resources or finding a system that makes the process easier."
Pricing Project
An urgent need was to restructure the pricing model. "Historically, we had been very sales driven. This led to some sales not being profitable. We needed to move to a more customer-centered model, with more focus on profitability. The Pricing Project gave us the opportunity to optimize prices and revenue, to simplify our price structure, reduce costs, and avoid the consequences of incorrect pricing. Cyberquery enabled all the analysis in a fraction of the time expected, without the overhead of maintaining cubes. Although the elapsed time of the project was not much reduced, Cyberquery allowed me to attend to six other urgent projects at the same time."
Automated Intranet deployment
Some reports are needed on a regular basis, and for this the company intranet is an ideal delivery medium. "Why have people waste time pressing buttons, when the machines can do it automatically? We currently have 30 reports deployed automatically to the intranet. Some are produced daily, some weekly, and we are trying out some hourly reports. Intranet information has been well received, though initially it was something of a culture shock. We can also provide interactive reports on the intranet for up-to-date information. The same Cyberquery enquiry can produce HTML for fast access, or a spreadsheet for further manipulation."
Data Integrity
Of course, the smartest system cannot make good information out of bad data, and even the best transaction system cannot prevent people entering incorrect information. Cyberquery enables Bousfield to audit the database for irregularities. "We have a separate section on the intranet for data integrity reports. Once we know where the problems are, we can fix them."
Integration with other systems
Beyond providing management information, Cyberquery enables interaction with other systems. Dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals, Bousfield needs to provide product data sheets for Health and Safety requirements. "We export weekly a file based on the Bills of Materials stored in MFG/PRO to our Health & Safety system. A very small Cyberquery generates the file."

Integration expands outside the organization. "Each month end we submit data to Dun & Bradstreet. A script automatically runs two Cyberquery reports to generate the data, and then sends it to Dun & Bradstreet. The whole system took less than a day to design, build and test."

New Direct Mail subsidiary
The launch of a new Direct Mail subsidiary gave Bousfield the opportunity to define business processes from scratch. Cyberquery has a key part to play. "Dispatch and Purchasing are driven by Cyberquery reports, and Cyberquery provides the business performance monitoring. This was an excellent test - and it is working well."
Information where it matters
Using Cyberquery, Bousfield has empowered business experts to find the information they need, when they need it. As well as two people in IT, accounts staff including the Administrators, Financial Controller and Finance Director are obtaining their own information, which they can also submit for general deployment. Rodney Tanton, Purchasing Manager reports: "The greatest benefit of Cyberquery is that we can get information ourselves, and adapt it, without having to ask and wait for someone else." Even the internal audit department were: "...pleased with the ability to extract and report real business information."

Using Cyberquery as the Enterprise Information Engine provides reliable business information to help Bousfield meet the daily challenges in the marketplace.

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