Cyberscience delivers world-leading reporting and application development tools. Our products improve the efficiency of decision making, enabling our customers to increase performance and achieve greater levels of success.
Productivity with performance
"Cyberquery is not just an ad-hoc reporting product - we are using it to drive the business." - Dave McAllister, Wade Furniture Group

Cyberquery provides the key to fast, informed decision making - information. Cyberquery is a high-performance ad-hoc query and production reporting system that delivers business intelligence to key personnel in seconds.

Cyberquery fully supports all major databases including Oracle, SQL Server, Progress, DB2, Informix Online, Sybase, MySQL, Acucobol, Micro Focus COBOL, flat files and C-ISAM databases with native interfaces. Other systems can be accessed with ODBC. Cyberquery is available for all major Unix platforms and Microsoft Windows.

Cyberquery is unique in the reporting arena. It is a single product that meets the needs of the entire spectrum of users. Ease-of-use, speed of use and depth of accessible functionality provide both ad-hoc and production reporting for everyone from occasional users, senior managers, professional data analysts to programmers.

Eliminating the barriers to business information
Cyberquery breaks the barriers to your data, making it easier to make informed decisions. Cyberquery makes business analysis highly productive and quickly provides insight, transforming your ability to obtain the information you want, when you want it.
User empowerment
The power and simplicity of Cyberquery allow users to create everything from simple queries, business graphics and crosstab reports to production reports. Users can explore data using drilldown and easily switch between summaries and charts. Cyberquery is fully integrated with email and the web, so information can be distributed automatically. Cyberquery brings power to every user's desk.
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