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Productivity with performance
Cyberscreen screenshot
Cyberscreen is a fourth generation language and development environment designed to create screen-based applications and to allow fast, intuitive manipulation of your data. Cyberscreen provides a very rapid application development cycle, allowing you to go from the database to a basic application in a matter of seconds - yet it is powerful enough to quickly and efficiently handle the most complicated of database manipulation techniques.

All Cyberscreen applications are Internet-enabled from the moment they are written. Our unique Display Manager Independence technology ensures that your application's user interface will run in a web browser, Windows client or character terminal without any extra development effort.

Cyberscreen applications are portable across database and machine environments. Database independence means that the underlying database for an application may be changed quickly and simply, with no changes to your code, while machine independence gives true portability for source code, allowing the same code to be compiled and run on all modern platforms.

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