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Productivity with performance
Cyberquery support for popular non-relational databases.    
Supported Non-relational Databases
Cyberscience Business Intelligence is available for all major relational and non-relational database systems. Thus, Cyberquery supports your current and most alternative environments.
The benefits of multiple simultaneous database support
Cyberquery simultaneously supports different database systems. This means Cyberquery seamlessly joins data from disparate systems, for example; sales information from Microsoft SQL Server, product data from Oracle or Progress and personnel data from CISAM all in the same report. Cyberquery hides all physical details of the underlying data. This eliminates complexity and maximizes user productivity.  
Cyberquery database independence
All details of the physical underlying database are hidden in the Cyberquery Data Dictionary. This means that all reports, queries and data extracts are completely independent of the database. Thus Cyberquery provides you with the freedom to change the database you use in the future as operational needs dictate without the need to modify any queries. We support relational and non-relational databases. The non-relational databases we support include:  
Your non-relational
database is:
ACUCOBOL Micro Focus
Cyberquery provides direct file access for high-performance reporting, supporting Vision 3, 4 and 5 files as used by ACUCOBOL applications. Cyberquery also offers native support for many of the database types which can be accessed using ACUCOBOL gateways, including Oracle and C-ISAM.
Cyberquery supports all MF-COBOL indexed file formats, including compressed files, with either MF-COBOL Version 4.1 or Server Express.
Cyberquery provides direct-file access for high-performance reporting to ICOBOL2 databases.
C-ISAM is a popular file format used by many applications. We support direct file access for high-speed reporting, including support for variable-length records and compressed index keys.
Cyberquery supports DEC Compaq HP RMS files on OpenVMS and Data General INFOS files on AOS/VS, UNIX and Windows. The performance of Cyberquery with INFOS on new UNIX or Windows servers is very impressive.
The Cyberquery Database Connection (DBC) API allows a programmer to connect Cyberquery natively to proprietary database files.
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