Cyberscience delivers world-leading reporting and application development tools. Our products improve the efficiency of decision making, enabling our customers to increase performance and achieve greater levels of success.
Productivity with performance
Information deployment
The deployment capabilities of Cyberquery transform your reporting environment into a proactive distribution center for your business information.
Web deployment
Cyberquery Launchpad is a web-based report deployment system. It provides a familiar, intuitive searching and browsing environment for Cyberquery reports and other business knowledge, providing everyone from your IT department to senior management with instant access to information. It is also a portal into Cyberquery itself - it is easier to take an existing report and modify it than it is to create one from scratch, and the Launchpad makes this easy.
Cyberquery puts information at your fingertips through subscription technology - delivering the reports you want, when you want, direct to your desktop. Controlling your subscriptions through Launchpad is intuitive, requiring no training, no client administration and no client software other than a web browser and an email client. Subscriptions will bring new value to your existing investment in these technologies.
At the heart of our Subscriptions technology is QDirector, an industrial-strength scheduling and queue management system. End users can use Subscriptions without ever needing to know about QDirector, but for those with more demanding batching and scheduling demands, QDirector is a powerful, flexible system for making the most of your time and resources.
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