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Productivity with performance
Data Dictionary

A key component of Cyberquery is the powerful data dictionary which provides significant productivity gains by freeing the user from concerns about how the data is organized.

The Cyberquery Data Dictionary lets you describe your data in a logical system that shields programmers and end users from low-level detail and physical representation of data, enabling them to view data at the appropriate level of abstraction.

The Cyberquery Data Dictionary helps provide ease-of-use for end users and outstanding productivity for professional developers.

Setting up the Cyberquery Data Dictionary is very easy with an automatic interface to COBOL data definitions, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix OnLine, Progress, Sybase and other relational databases. The Cyberquery Data Dictionary is so well engineered that it eliminates the maintenance headaches associated with other products.

A simple, one-line command will import your application's data definitions into the Data Dictionary in a matter of seconds. This allows you to produce your first report almost immediately.

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