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Writing and maintaining successful applications is very expensive. Your applications represent a huge investment over many years in design, programming, testing, documenting, marketing and training. Cyberquery will leverage your entire investment in your solutions.

  • Using Cyberquery at customer presentations will help you close new business and retain existing customers. Your customers and prospects will appreciate the value that Cyberquery unlocks.
  • Cyberquery, a world leading Business Intelligence Solution, differentiates your product from your competitors.
  • Cyberquery provides automatic scheduled, ad-hoc and exception report distribution by email. This helps make your systems proactive.
  • Cyberquery is the fastest way you can improve customer satisfaction. The flexibility that Cyberquery adds to your existing systems will transform your customers' perception of the value of your solutions. Happy customers remain customers longer, spend money more happily and most importantly, recommend your systems to others.
  • In nearly every case, Cyberquery adds years to the economic life of an application and provides the flexibility for you to tackle a larger market.
  • Cyberquery is an immediate profit opportunity. Cyberquery lets you provide reports, ad-hoc queries and Business Intelligence to your customers cost effectively thus giving you good margins.

We offer a complete solution, not just a tool kit. We work with your team to produce a world leading BI solution for your applications that your customers and prospects will love. We also provide the sales and marketing strategy and training to help you make your first sales.

Often, we can work with you to produce a pricing strategy to fit your own model. Our VAR discounts allow you to make real money from your Business Intelligence solution. The engineering behind Cyberquery provides excellence with a low cost of ownership. This protects your margins.

Cyberquery supports all the major relational and non-relational databases. The Cyberquery Data Dictionary lets you hide application complexity to provide an easy to understand business model for your users.

Put Cyberquery to the test. Ask us to show how Cyberquery will help you make money by providing increased revenue and dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. We offer a true WIN WIN deal. With a Cyberquery based BI solution, you WIN and your customers WIN.

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