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Cyberquery is easy to learn and use, but best of all Cyberquery is highly productive in the hands of power users. If you spend time analyzing data, Cyberquery is almost certainly the most powerful and productive software you can buy. Choose Cyberquery for ad-hoc queries, data analysis, production reporting, mailings, letters, labels, and export to Excel and other specialist tools.

The key design principle behind Cyberquery is a superior effort reward ratio. The rewards from using a tool must greatly exceed the effort required to learn and use it. With Business Intelligence tools, your reward is information and insight, and the intellectual pleasure of solving problems. Cyberquery was designed from the outset to minimize the effort and time required and maximize the reward. Cyberquery is very fast - you don't have to wait for results. Cyberquery is full of accessible functionality that lets you solve your information needs very quickly. In short, Cyberquery is fun to use and really rewarding.

The lightning response and superior effort-reward ratio of Cyberquery ensures that it is used and not left on the shelf.

Cyberquery supports all leading relational and non-relational databases, including: ACUCOBOL, Oracle, Sybase, Progress, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, IBM-Informix OnLine, MF-COBOL and C-ISAM etc.

Put Cyberquery to the test. Find out just how good, good can be. Save time with the most productive solution.

Thousands of business analysts already use Cyberquery. It's compelling technology. You wouldn't run a business without a phone, a fax or email. You shouldn't run computer applications without Cyberquery.

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