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Cyberquery breaks the barriers to information held in your computer systems. This results in huge advantages:

  • Information that was previously hard to access becomes immediately available. So, when you or your staff require information for strategic and tactical planning and control; turn to Cyberquery for results.
  • With Cyberquery, you control your own destiny. You can access the database when you want, how you want. No need to wait weeks or months for vital information; information is available in seconds.
  • Cyberquery has powerful integration with Excel so you can extract data and place it into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.
  • Best of all, you don't have to wait for busy IT staff to prepare reports. You or your finance team can select and format the information you require when you want it, the way you want it.
  • Frees up scarce IT resources from dull routine report writing. These resources become available for other vital tasks. This is far better than hiring more people because your experienced staff don't need to climb the learning curve.

Users report:

Cyberquery is the single best investment you can make to improve your systems.

Cyberquery transforms the relationship between the business users and the IT department. They work together as a team. This is invaluable.

Cyberquery adds a huge level of flexibility to your computer systems, usually extending their economic life by many years.

Put Cyberquery to the test: Ask us to show you how Cyberquery will help your business.

Thousands of satisfied customers already benefit from Cyberquery solutions. It's compelling technology. You wouldn't run a business without a phone, a fax or email. You shouldn't run computer applications without Cyberquery.

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