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Constantly responding to users requests for business information puts a load on your department and it's difficult to meet the demands in a timely fashion. This causes friction and cynicism with the users.

There are lots of advantages in solving this problem.

  • Cyberquery frees up scarce IT resources from dull routine report writing. These resources become available for other more interesting challenges. This is far better than hiring more people because your experienced staff don't need to climb the learning curve.
  • Cyberquery is the fastest way you can improve user satisfaction. The flexibility that Cyberquery adds to your existing systems transforms your users' perception of the quality of your solutions. Happy users make a huge difference to the quality of your working environment and your opportunities for creativity.
There are lots of problems in end user access to complex systems. Cyberquery, the result of over 30 years development, has outstanding features to allow you to create a world leading BI solution for your company.
  • The Cyberquery Data Dictionary lets you hide application complexity to provide an easy to understand conceptual business model for your users.
  • It's easy to create clear sample queries that users can quickly grasp and use.
  • Cyberquery supports all leading relational and non-relational databases. We provide simultaneous support for multiple databases allowing you to combine information from many sources into a single report.
  • Cyberquery is also a complete solution for production reporting. You can produce outstanding production reports, invoices, statements, letters, labels and emails.
  • Cyberquery provides automatic scheduled, ad-hoc and exception report distribution by email. This helps make your systems proactive.

Sarbanes-0xley and Bill-198 demand that accurate, timely information is readily available to managers at all levels of the enterprise. Please read Cyberquery and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for more information.

Our challenge to you: Put us to the test. Ask us to prove that Cyberquery is indeed the very best business intelligence and reporting solution for your applications and that adopting Cyberquery will be an outstanding investment for your company. Add your applications to the large number of excellent applications already benefiting from Cyberquery.

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