Cyberscience delivers world-leading reporting and application development tools. Our products improve the efficiency of decision making, enabling our customers to increase performance and achieve greater levels of success.
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Cyberscience products
Cyberscience products provide your organization with the solution to fast, informed decision making. Our products empower your key decision makers with the critical information they need in seconds, not hours.
Cyberquery is an easy to use, high performance business intelligence, ad-hoc query and reporting solution for power users, occasional users and IT professionals. Cyberquery eliminates barriers to vital data, empowering key decision-makers to access valuable information held in your business applications. Cyberquery is usually the single best investment you can make to enhance your IT systems. Cyberquery dramatically increases the power of your systems by adding the flexibility you require.
Once in a while a product comes along that completely changes our understanding of what is possible. Cyberquery Accelerator isn't just a few degrees of progress in the technology of report writing and decision support; it's the breakthrough that makes rapid access to real information a reality for everyone and anyone.
Cyberscreen is a rapid application development environment for platform independent, database independent, Internet-enabled applications. Its fourth generation language is an order of magnitude more productive than competing development tools, and its underlying technology - shared with Cyberquery - gives it unsurpassed power and flexibility.
The Data Dictionary is straightforward to understand and use. Usually, large applications have a complex database. The Cyberquery Data Dictionary makes it easy to present the database as a conceptual data model the users can quickly understand. The effort to set up and maintain the Cyberquery Data Dictionary is exceptionally low. This leads to fast implementation and substantial cost savings.
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