Cyberscience delivers world-leading reporting and application development tools. Our products improve the efficiency of decision making, enabling our customers to increase performance and achieve greater levels of success.
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Education services to help you gain the maximum benefit from your investment.    
Education and Training services
Our experts are ready to provide a full range of courses. From education planning, open courses to on-site training, we deliver world-class education and training services tailored to meet the needs of each of our customers.
The Cyberscience suite of information solutions are easily accessible and very powerful. This means that immediate benefit can be gained from the purchase of any of these products. However, like all powerful products - they are even more valuable in the hands of an expert. Cyberscience offers a range of training programs, either as onsite courses tailored to local needs, or as public courses held at our corporate offices.
Open courses
These courses, open to all our customers, are designed to provide a sound understanding of the principles of Cyberscience products. They provide excellent opportunities for networking and problem sharing with people from different company backgrounds. Please see the Training course details for the dates and venues of our open courses.
On-site courses
When you have several people who wish to learn more about Cyberscience technology, or your organization has particular requirements, you should consider holding a Cyberscience education course at your own site. Dedicated courses can be delivered as standard or modified to suit your own data, systems, staff and other requirements. We are happy to discuss your requirements and customize the course to focus on the areas important to you. Some of the advantages of on-site education are:
  • reduced travel and accommodation costs;
  • familiar surroundings and environment;
  • increased job relevance;
  • examples drawn from real life, relevant to your particular business;
  • facilitates teamwork and group learning.
Education needs analysis
Planned learning ensures a firm foundation for skills development, creating confidence and increasing productivity. Cyberscience offers an Education Needs Analysis service to help manage the process of learning for your particular operation.

There are many different aspects to the design, development, administration and use of Cyberscience information systems. Not every member of your organization will need to have the same knowledge, or the same degree of understanding, of all the principles. A Cyberscience Education Needs Analysis Consultant will work with you to identify:

  • the knowledge and skills required, and
  • the knowledge and skills already in place,

to design the most appropriate strategy for achieving your aims. Having identified the start and end points of the learning process, Cyberscience will suggest a route for the journey in between.

Training contact information
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