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Cyberscience provides Baan/Infor LN users with a best-of-breed business intelligence solution.
Cyberquery for Baan / Infor LN
Cyberquery for Infor LN is a Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting solution that empowers Infor LN users and decision-makers to extract information when they want, how they want. Many companies using Infor LN have chosen Enterprise Cyberquery (eCQ) as the best solution to break the barriers to their data. eCQ utilizes client/server and Internet technology to provide and distribute information to those who need it throughout the whole organization. A true enterprise-wide solution, eCQ enhances your investment in Infor LN.

Cyberscience has worked with Infor LN resellers and customers to create an easy to use, functionally rich, cost effective reporting solution for Infor LN. This solution is a comprehensive package including reporting tools, pre-written reports, integration services, training, support and consultancy by Infor LN experts. It includes:

  • Enterprise Cyberquery (eCQ)
    Cyberquery is unique in the reporting arena. It is a single product that can meet the needs of the entire spectrum of users. By focusing in equal measure on ease of use, speed of use and depth of functionality, eCQ provides both ad-hoc and production reporting for everyone from occasional users to senior managers; from accountants to data analysis professionals. The benefits of using a single tool, in terms of reduced integration, training and support costs, are tremendous.
  • A Data Dictionary tailored for Infor LN
    The Data Dictionary adds value to your Infor LN database by making it far more accessible to end users. By defining meaningful names and relationships for the database structure, and by hiding details of the database that are irrelevant to end users, the Dictionary dramatically simplifies the underlying data. This flattens the learning curve, widening the availability of reporting across the enterprise. The Data Dictionary also transforms the complex Infor LN data types, so users work with understandable information.
  • Alternate viewpoints on the database
    Different groups of people have different requirements from a database, use different areas of it, and even use different terminology to describe the same concepts. By providing alternate viewpoints on the database for these different groups, eCQ uses the language of each group, and presents the information that is relevant to them.
  • A comprehensive package of pre-written reports
    These reports cover a broad spectrum of reporting needs, from regular production reports through to starting points for ad-hoc queries. Not only are these reports extremely useful in themselves, but they provide a portal into eCQ itself for producing new reports - it is always easier to modify something that already exists than to start from scratch. In addition, the eCQ Launchpad web deployment system makes finding and modifying reports a breeze.
  • Proactive information deployment
    By pre-installing our Infor LN reports into the eCQ Launchpad, we ensure that everyone can benefit from Cyberquery from day one. Not only does the Launchpad make it trivial to search and browse the published reports, but our Subscriptions system means that users and senior managers with nothing more than a web browser and an email client - and no training - can have reports delivered direct to their desktop, completely under their own control. This transforms your Infor LN reporting environment from a passive information source to a proactive information deployment center.
  • Infor LN-specific training and consultancy
    Our educators and consultants are experts in Cyberscience technology, Infor LN and many other applications and databases. They know the strengths of each, and how they can be integrated to provide a unified system. They speak the language of Infor LN users, and understand their needs.

Enterprise Cyberquery is ideally suited to the Infor LN environment. It uses a high-performance interface to the underlying Infor LN database - no ODBC, no middleware. It can query multiple databases of different types simultaneously, enabling it to integrate information from other systems with Infor LN, including other solutions such as Salesforce, SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, BPCS, SyteLine, SX.e or Lawson. It can run on character terminals, under Windows and on the web, enabling its use on many different platforms and client infrastructures.

There are Cyberquery solutions for all versions of Baan, including Baan IV, Baan 5 and Infor LN, running against Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or Informix, on Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris or HP-UX.

Infor LN users have made a large investment in their IT systems. eCQ is the technology to make full use of the information that those systems contain, adding flexibility and increased functionality that dramatically increases the value of an organization's investment in Infor LN.

In our opinion, eCQ is the best ad-hoc query, business intelligence and production reporting solution for Infor LN bar none. Strong claim? Let us prove it! Contact us today for more information.

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