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Cyberquery for COBOL application vendors
There are a huge number of excellent COBOL applications that benefit from Cyberquery, a leading business intelligence, ad-hoc query and production reporting tool that directly supports both relational and non-relational data sources without the need for ODBC drivers.

To maximize the value of your investment in COBOL - choose Cyberquery. Cyberquery fully meets the query and reporting needs of occasional users, power users and IT professionals. You and your customers benefit hugely from Cyberquery. Cyberquery dramatically increases user satisfaction by adding the flexibility your customers require.

  • Cyberquery - An outstanding investment, transforms the value of your COBOL applications.
  • Cyberquery - A great demonstration tool to help win and retain customers.
  • Cyberquery - Adds power and flexibility to your COBOL applications that your competitors will grow to fear.
  • Cyberquery - An extremely cost effective solution.
  • Cyberquery - A single product to learn, license, train and support that meets all your business intelligence, ad-hoc query and production reporting needs. This is unique - no other vendor can make this claim.
  • Cyberquery - Brings power to every user's desk, regardless of their IT experience. Easily used by everyone from occasional end users to power users and IT professionals. Only Cyberquery has the required ease of use and the necessary depth of accessible functionality to meet the differing needs of the full range of users.
  • Cyberquery - Helps you integrate COBOL with other applications. Cyberquery provides simultaneous native support for MF-COBOL, ACUCOBOL, C-ISAM, Btrieve, Pervasive SQL, Progress, Oracle, Informix, MS SQL/Server, Sybase. Cyberquery also supports ODBC. You can quickly add support for a proprietary database though an easy to use API.
  • Cyberquery Launchpad for Web based report browsing, scheduling, subscriptions and alerts. Adds the "Digital Nervous System" to your COBOL applications.

In our opinion, Cyberquery is the best ad-hoc query, business intelligence and production report writer for COBOL bar none. Strong claim? Our challenge to you: Put us to the test. Ask us to prove that Cyberquery is indeed the very best business intelligence and reporting solution for your applications and that adopting Cyberquery will be an outstanding investment for your company. Add your applications to the large number of excellent COBOL applications already benefiting from Cyberquery. Call us today for more information.

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