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Cyberquery for Aerospace and Defense

Cyberquery is the robust and secure business intelligence solution that aerospace and defense industry manufactures rely on for running their complex operations.

The aerospace and defense (A & D) industry is complex with stringent quality and regulatory standards. A & D manufactures are dealing with supply chain volatility and employment shortages in a competitive global marketplace. They require a business intelligence solution that can handle the complexity while also being easy to use – Cyberquery. In addition, Cyberquery automatically runs and distributes reports securely with the functionality of QDirector and macros. Cyberquery provides the comprehensive analytics package that A & D customers need to be agile and innovative.

Whether your manufacturing process is engineered to order or build to order, Cyberquery can handle your reporting and business intelligence needs. Cyberscience has been delivering robust reporting for manufacturers in the A&D industry for 30 years and uniquely understands the complexity of your data and reporting requirements. Cyberquery supports single site or multi-site, single currency, or multi-currency environments.

Cyberquery delivers in the following areas and more:

Security by Contract

Control information access by contract number, project manager, etc.

Key Performance Indicators

Track KPI’s and KPM’s with ability to drill down to the transaction level.

Actual vs Budget Tracking

Increase understanding of variances and automate timely exception reporting.

Supply-and-Demand Forecasting

Improve operation execution by integrating supply and demand signals from all your data sources.

Quality Analysis

Dig into the root cause of an exception event using intuitive ad hoc reporting capabilities.

Real-time Shop Floor Metrics

Monitor utilization metrics in real-time and gain the most efficient use of equipment and personnel.

Inventory Control

Improve inventory turns while optimizing your inventory investment.

Enterprise Financial Reporting

Income Statements and Balance Sheets by contract, project, or business unit across divisions or the entire business enterprise combining multiple data sources.


Cyberquery is our Enterprise Reporting System. When we need to pull data from our ERP system, there is no better choice that Cyberquery. Cyberquery is easy to use and very powerful!

Long Vu

Director of Supply Chain, ADC Aerospace