Training Services

Cyberscience offers standard and custom training courses at client locations throughout the world, at Regional Training events in major cities and at our national Education Centers or remotely via video conferencing.

COVID-19 Update: We have adapted our popular onsite training to a remote setting using video conferencing. 

As with the onsite training, we work with your data during the interactive workshops allowing for a swift ROI.

Available courses include: 

Report Writing with Cyberquery (2 Days)

This two-day end-user report writing course is designed to give new Cyberquery users the skills and knowledge needed to effectively develop their own reports using Cyberquery. During several lab sessions using the visual editor, then the language editor, the student will have the opportunity to develop and format a variety of reports — detail, summary, simple charts and labels — and export reports to Excel and HTML. Topics covered include report creation, modification, formatting, conditional printing, functions, system variables, and more.

This instructor led course is suitable for all students and has a small headcount to facilitate learning and one and one time with the lecturer.

Prerequisite: Basic Windows skills

Cyberquery System Administration (1 Day)

This one-day technically oriented course is designed to give the student the knowledge of how to install, configure and administer Cyberquery, and how to maintain the Data Dictionary. There will also be discussion of how to automate reports and how to effectively use features of the Data Dictionary to empower end-users to create more effective reports. In addition areas such as user and group administration, security and data source connectivity are covered in detail.

Prerequisite: Database and O/S knowledge

Advanced Report Writing I (2 Days)

This two-day advanced report writing course is designed to give experienced Cyberquery users the skills and knowledge needed to effectively develop  advanced reports using Cyberquery. Topics include Cyberquery language concepts, multiple pass reporting, advanced data structures, dynamic code generation and more during several lab sessions.

Prerequisite: Report Writing with Cyberquery

Advanced Report Writing II (1 Day)

This one-day advanced report writing course is designed to showcase the robust charting engine and infographics capabilities of Enterprise Cyberquery. Topics include creating “bullet charts” and “sparklines”, small word-sized graphs that can be embedded as report columns to build content richness and solidify a report’s message. Using the Cyberquery Compose System, attendees will create dashboard-style presentations which display multiple reports simultaneously on a single page. Additionally, coverage on publishing reports to Launchpad and scheduling in QDirector is provided.

Prerequisite: Enterprise Cyberquery User, Advanced Reporting I

Financial Report Writing Workshop (Custom)
With tailored courses for QAD (SE, EB, EE), Baan, LN and Syteline (Cloud Suite), this workshop focuses on teaching users how to assemble a financial datamart specifically designed to facilitate financial reporting. This datamart will house beginning balances, budget amounts, and summarized periodic activity for all general ledger accounts. Once the datamart is created, it will be used to create one or more of the following:

  • Budget-vs-actual balance sheet
  • Budget-vs-actual income statement
  • Budget-vs-actual trial balance
  • Balance sheet (without budget)
  • Income Statement (without budget)
  • Trial Balance (without budget)
  • Variations on any of the above

Prerequisite: Onsite Only, Advanced Reporting I course

Training Where You Need It

Our training has been reformatted to accommodate remote learning given the current Covid-19 CDC travel guideline. We recommend training for a team of co-workers, what traditionally is an onsite training class. This allows you to work with your own data, and get immediate ROI in the workshop segment of any of the courses. This is also the most cost-effective training model for three or more people.

For those who need to train individually or smaller teams we offer remote classes segmented by business system environment.

As conditions change, we will continue to develop and offer training solutions that fit your needs.


Please contact your account manager or local Cyberscience office to discuss your training needs.

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