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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you just show me the price?
All Business Intelligence solutions are not equal.

All organizations do not have the same requirements.

And, not all users need the same functionality and capabilities.

This is why providing an accurate price, the one which is right for your budget and right for your specific needs, requires a brief conversation between you and one of our experts.

We will quickly assess the best way for you to get started, and the costs involved – no pressure, just fast, accurate guidance on what it will take to tap into your data.

Does Cyberquery work with my applications?
Yes, we have packaged solutions for many enterprise applications, and we have the tools to work with any enterprise applications, both commercial and in-house. Contact us today to see what it would take to tap into your data, whatever applications you have.
Can I try Cyberquery before I buy it?
Certainly; the proof of any product is how well it works for you, in your environment. Don’t purchase a product for it’s theoretical capabilities. Instead, demand to see it running against your own data to understand what it will take to install it and build content that actually delivers value. Our TestDrive program allows you to see Cyberquery in action, delivering value on your own data. Contact us today to get started.
Why can't I just download a copy?
We value your time, and we want you to experience the real power of Cyberquery. Driving a car is easy once you know the basics. But nobody would consider jumping in a car without instruction and trying to drive on the public streets. Our TestDrive program ensures that Cyberquery is installed properly, configured correctly and tailored for your specific applications. Why waste time playing with products on sample data, when you can experience the power of a complete Business Intelligence solution on your own data in minutes. Contact us today to see how much time you can save by working with a professional Business Intelligence team.

What Our Customers Are Saying


The team at Cyberscience created some of our mission-critical reports in only three days! Within a week, we were building new analytical reports using Cyberquery.

John Smith

Director, Reily Foods

Cyberquery has empowered the organization’s leadership to make quality decisions. We are gaining previously unavailable business insight and our executive team is now able to make swift and informed decisions that were just not possible before we implemented Cyberquery.

Steve Price

IT Director, Boyd Corporation

Cyberquery has already saved Tidewell over $180,000 and we expect to save another $360,000 once all reporting projects are up and functional. This labor savings equates to $540,000.

Lou Freitas

Solutions System Analyst, Tidewell Hospice