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Cyberquery for Automotive

Cyberquery is a trusted business intelligence solution delivering accurate and comprehensive information and reporting to the Automotive Industry for over 30 years.

The automotive industry continues to face external and internal supply chain shocks, and Cyberscience is here to help. Being able to access, consolidate and communicate data across the supply chain in a timely manner for a holistic view of the business is a business imperative. Cyberquery delivers an enterprise view of the business with its capability to integrate your ERP data with supplier, customer, quality, shipping data, and more. In addition, reports are securely and automatically run and distributed with Cyberquery functionality of QDirector and macros. This comprehensive view of the business has helped Cyberquery customers improve productivity, increase profits, and maximize market share.

If your manufacturing process is ATO, MTO, BTO, ETO, or your organization is a single site or global multi-site, Cyberquery can handle your reporting and business intelligence needs. Cyberscience has been delivering robust reporting for manufacturers in the automotive industry for 30 years and uniquely understands the complexity of data and reporting requirements.

Cyberquery helps with the following automotive manufacturing areas and more:

Supply-and-Demand Forecasting

Improve S&OP by integrating supply and demand signals from all your data sources.

Key Performance Indicators

Track KPI’s and KPM’s with ability to drill down to the transaction level.

Expense Tracking

Increase understanding of variances and automate timely exception reporting.

Root Cause Analysis

Dig into the root cause of an out of the system event using intuitive ad hoc reporting capabilities.


Monitor utilization metrics in real-time and gain the most efficient use of equipment and personnel.

Inventory Control

Improve cycle counts and inventory turns while optimizing your inventory investment.

Enterprise Reporting

Report across the business enterprise with access to multiple data sources.



Cyberquery is our Enterprise Reporting System. When we need to pull data from multiple instances of QAD

and consolidate data across our organization, Cyberquery is our tool of choice.


Andrew Amstutz

Director of Information Technology, Autokiniton