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Cyberquery for CSD and SX.e

Cyberquery is the business intelligence solution with seamless data access to Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution (CSD) and Distribution SX.e ERPs for data analytics and reporting.

Warehouse Distribution is a fast-paced business with customers who demand ever improving service levels. To keep up, distributors need not only a world-class distribution ERP system like Infor’s CloudSuite™ Distribution or Distribution SX.e, but also a business intelligence solution that allows for accurate and timely reporting.

At Cyberscience we understand the pressures on distributors for high inventory turns, high fill rates, low days sales outstanding (DSO), increasing margins and optimal inventory levels. Over the last 15 years, we have gained extensive industry knowledge as our consultants have helped customers optimize their business intelligence solution generating the reports, dashboards and ad hoc analysis needed for timely communication to management, suppliers, and customers.

The success of Cyberquery in the warehouse management system (WMS) arena comes from providing complete and secure reporting solutions that are specifically designed for ease of use and flexible integration. Cyberquery is a game changer that accelerates your ad hoc query access to CSD and SX.e data by providing a simple, yet powerful interface for creating reports. The friendly drag-and-drop report environment features a powerful Report Creation Wizard covering detail reports, summarized trending to complex visualization, with complete on-line help. 


CSD and SX.e users enjoy these Cyberquery unique benefits:

  • Comprehensive data discovery into the CSD Data Lake or SX.e Progress database
  • One product to produce reports, invoices, forms, charts, scorecards, and dashboards
  • The Cyberquery Implementation Toolkit automatically loads metadata and QDB’s accelerating ROI
  • Included web portal, enables quick and seamless information deployment throughout your organization
  • Role specific Viewpoints, allow users to see all the information they need, and only the information they need
  • Additional database/data source reporting outside of CSD and SX.e
  • Pre-defined solutions for most major ERP, HR, payroll, CRM and distribution applications

Need a replacement for legacy reporting tools?

Many distributors rely on legacy reporting tools for their core reporting needs. The number of custom reports developed over many years makes it challenging to move forward and convert to a new modern business intelligence solution. Due to product end of life announcements on a number of legacy tools, management teams are forced to convert their core reporting from legacy BI tools. Distributors are finding that Cyberquery is a great solution. The features and functionality of Cyberquery covers the full range of user needs including ad hoc reporting.

cyberquery ad hoc reporting for distribution applications

Download the Cyberquery for CSD and SX.e Applications Brochure, for more information.

Cyberquery for CSD and SX.e Applications

Without a doubt, I love Cyberquery. It was easy to pick up and start creating reports

and ad hoc analysis.

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Stacey Pike

Business Intelligence Analyst, Porter Pipe and Supply