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Cyberquery for Distribution

Cyberscience has over 20 of years of experience increasing the value of distribution ERP and WMS applications.

Cyberquery is a global, one-suite business intelligence solution providing reporting, analytics, KPI’s, and ad hoc analysis to support distribution ERP and WMS applications, cloud and on-premise.

The distribution industry is a fast paced, demanding business and Cyberscience is here to help. With global supply chains experiencing unprecedented disruptions, having an accurate, complete, timely view of the total supply chain is critical. Business intelligence solutions need to be able to interface with the main ERP but also with customer’s and supplier’s information. It requires a powerful full featured business intelligence solution like Cyberquery.

Raw data is of little use in transactional form, but Cyberquery makes it possible to transform that data into meaningful, actionable information through the use of reports, analytics and data visualizations. With drill down capability to your underlying data, you enable various functional areas to collaborate with your team members and partners.

Cyberquery helps with the following distribution information areas and more:

Inventory Control

Improve fill rates and inventory turns while optimizing your inventory investment.

Revenue Cycle Management

Minimize inaccurate, delayed, or lost revenue collections.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Quickly and easily dig into the data for accurate root cause analysis and real-time decision making.

Pricing Decisions

Ability to create online pricing calculator with the forms functionality, integrating costing data and discount policies.

Customer Communication

Auto generate and distribute customer reports, invoices, rebate/rewards program status.



We are very excited to have found Cyberquery as our go forward data discovery platform.

It is far exceeding our expectations!

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Craig Costa

VP of Business Technology & Branch Operations, Porter Pipe and Supply