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Cyberquery for Electronics & High Tech

Gain the competitive edge with deeper insights into your operations – from quote to cash.


Successful high tech and electronics companies need a powerful and nimble business intelligence platform. They are dealing with extended global supply chains, complex bills of materials and short product lifecycles. Include part shortages and margin pressures to understand the full extent of the complexity of the industry. Cyberquery helps companies thrive in this complex environment by providing an enterprise-wide view of the business.

Cyberquery allows high tech manufactures to access, consolidate, and communicate data across the supply chain in a timely manner. It easily integrates your ERP data with data from suppliers, customers, quality, shipping and more. The data from disparate systems is not an issue allowing for such analyses as detailed cost analysis of complex BOM for make/buy parts. Enjoy reporting and analysis of the whole quote to cash global supply chain with Cyberquery.

Cyberquery delivers value in the following areas and more:

Financial Statements

Create accurate financial reports with drill downs allowing users to fully analyze the data.


All Cyberquery reports and queries are available to the Excel user and allows users to add their own calculations and input fields for dynamically interacting with their data.

BOM Cost Analysis

Quickly upload supplier costed BOM data and understand costing at the part level including deltas from previous quotes.

Key Performance Indicators

Track KPI’s and KPM’s with ability to drill down to the transaction level.

TQM/6 Sigma

Dig into the root cause of an out of the system quality event using intuitive ad hoc reporting capabilities.

Customer Support

Live support with decades of experience with various ERP and financial systems as well as data modeling and data mart expertise.