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Cyberquery for ePAS

Cyberquery is complete analytics and reporting solution with real-time access for ePAS.



Small to medium sized hospitals rely on Global Health’s ePAS to manage their patients’ journeys and Cyberquery for analyzing and reporting on their PAS data. Patient Administration Systems are a central component of healthcare organizations documenting patients from admission to discharge. Hospitals can improve patient outcomes while improving revenue, with a full-featured business reporting solution like Cyberquery that delivers ad hoc and operational reporting, straddling multiple applications and databases, in a real-time environment.

The success of Cyberquery with ePAS applications comes from providing complete and secure reporting solutions that are specifically designed for ease of use and flexible integration. Cyberquery provides a simple yet powerful interface for creating reports enabling healthcare professionals to see information exactly the way they want it and how government agencies require it. Decision-makers, Coders, HIM’s and Operational staff easily access the information they need to lead their organizations and make informed decisions with Cyberquery.


Features and benefits of Cyberquery in combination with ePAS:

  •   Intuitive query and reporting environment
  •   Provides comprehensive data discovery into the ePAS database
  •   Real-time access to your data
  •   Powerful report scheduling, alerts and email distribution automate the delivery of critical information
  •   Consolidated and federated reporting from multiple databases and applications, including outside of ePAS
  •   Web-based Cyberquery Launchpad™ enables quick and seamless information deployment
  •   Automatic report conversions provide output to Excel, PDF, HTML, forms, barcodes, etc.
  •   Data dictionary consisting of relationships and derived fields assist in simplifying report development

Cyberquery delivers the timely and reliable data we need to make quality decisions.

Cyberquery is projected to provide over 10x ROI annually to East Sydney Private Hospital.

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Matthew Napier

CFO, East Sydney Private Hospital