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Cyberquery for Food and Beverage

Cyberquery is a powerful yet easy to use business intelligence solution delivering significant value to the food and beverage industry.

Food and Beverage companies have demanding requirements of their business intelligence solution supporting their batch and/or continuous production processes. The ever-changing consumer tastes means change is ever-present while managing to highly regulated quality standards. Business intelligence solutions need to able to interface with the ERP(s) and with customers’ and suppliers’ information including lot traceability for quality compliance. It requires a powerful full featured and easy to use business intelligence solution like Cyberquery.

Cyberquery makes it possible to transform transactional data from disparate systems into meaningful, actionable information using reports, analytics, and data visualizations. Cyberquery provides a holistic view of the business with drill down capability, allowing various functional areas to collaborate with team members and partners in a timely manner.

Cyberquery delivers value in the following areas and more:

Food Safety

Report, control and monitor production and ingredients per standards.

Operational KPI’s

Measure machine, department and shift efficiencies and post on the shop floor.

Inventory Control

Optimize your inventory investment and reduce spoilage while improving inventory turns.

Supplier Score Cards

Automate supplier score cards, tracking on-time delivery, price, quality, cost savings, etc.

Financial Reporting

Income Statements and Balance Sheets by contract, plant, or business unit across divisions or the entire business enterprise.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Quickly and easily dig into the data for accurate root cause analysis and real-time decision making.

Implementing Cyberquery has saved our staff many hours of monthly repetitive data gathering and collating tasks. Just that productivity gain is enough to justify the investment we have made with Cyberquery.

Steve Price

Director of Technology Services, Producers Dairy Foods Inc.