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Cyberquery for Government

Cyberquery is the flexible business intelligence solution governments and municipalities rely on for their unique and diverse data analytic needs.

Government organizations are under pressure to do more with less and operate in a transparent fashion. Public sector departments and agencies are tasked with providing critical services with less money, fewer people, and often tighter timescales. Using Cyberquery, organizations can improve efficiencies, cut costs, and gain powerful insights.

Cyberquery helps with the following governmental and public safety areas and more:

Fiscal Transparency

Meet transparency and accountability goals with accurate and traceable financial reports.

Asset Management

Track and map dispersed assets for improved understanding of deployment.

Project Tracking

Increase project schedule adherence by understanding variances and automating timely exception reporting.

Resource Allocation

Improve resource allocation with the ability to drill down to the transaction level using intuitive ad hoc reporting capabilities.


Monitor utilization metrics in real-time and gain the most efficient use of equipment and personnel.

Public Safety

Enhance Public Safety with fast and accurate incident reporting. Cyberquery helps agencies chart crime, identifying incident hot spots, for more effective resource allocation.

Enterprise Reporting

Report across the enterprise with access to multiple data sources agency applications.