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Cyberquery for SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial

Cyberquery for CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) and SyteLine is faster and easier than any other reporting or Business Intelligence product in the market.

Cyberquery communicates directly with the host database, whether SQL Server or Progress Openedge.

The user-friendly table names and site security structure in our Data Dictionary eliminate the need for any calls through the application layer. Making your data is easily accessible, while being properly secured.

Cyberquery brings these features and benefits to a SyteLine/CSI organization:

  • Cyberquery makes report and query development easy, fast, and fun. Users just drag-and-drop; end-users never have to see or write SQL
  • Support for SyteLine/CSI multi-site environments is built into the Cyberquery metadata store, the Data Dictionary
  • Reporting from standard SyteLine/CSI Notes is supported
  • Table names are translated into user-friendly synonyms to facilitate easy report writing for non-IT people
  • Cyberquery adds a true date field into the Data Dictionary for every timestamp field
  • All user defined tables and fields are automatically included into the Data Dictionary and are available for reporting immediately after installation
  • Cyberquery combines data from multiple data sources when appropriate—and presents users the information that they have privileges to see; you can easily combine your SyteLine/CSI data with other ERPs, Salesforce, Excel and your CRM data
  • Our support team members average more than ten years working with Cyberquery and many have extensive experience with SyteLine/CSI data
  • A Cyberquery report template library is available and has frequently requested reports, such as bill of materials (BOM), sales reports, as well as quality and efficiency reports
  • Cyberquery does not go through the Syteline/CSI API, so it will not consume any of your Syteline or CSI licenses or tokens
  • Cyberquery for Spreadsheets is an add-in for Excel that embeds multiple reports into a single workbook that includes input fields, Excel charts, and calculations. That means you can easily view your SyteLine/CSI data; and model, analyze, and share that information in an Excel environment
  • It takes less than two hours from starting your Cyberquery installation to initial report build against your customized installation of SyteLine/CSI
  • Reports, charts, and dashboards from Cyberquery can be automatically distributed in many formats, from HTML to PDF to Excel


Our business leadership team has been very pleased with the additional reporting functionality that the

Cyberquery platform has been able to provide.

Jason Whitman

IT Manager, Heritage Cutter