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Cyberquery for Finance

Cyberquery is the data analytics platform that finacial institutions rely on for real-time analysis and reporting.


Financial transactions occur in very high volume and financial professionals thrive on the data found in those transactions. Financial Institutions demand tools that empower their teams to mine the data and provide accurate, real-time insight . Cyberquery is unique in its ability to provide real-time access to transactional data stored in an FI’s databases, whether those databases are found in a single application or spread across multiple applications and vendors.

Raw data in transactional form is of little use. Cyberquery makes it possible to transform raw data into meaningful, actionable information through the use of reports, analytics and data visualizations. With drill down capability to your underlying data, you enable various functional areas to collaborate with your team members and partners.

Cyberquery delivers value in the following areas and more:

Portfolio Analysis

Cyberquery provides all of the tools needed to build your unique presentation around portfolio performance.

Regulatory Compliance

Cyberquery offers the most complete report generation capability, allowing you to address audit and compliance needs in short order.

Strategic Dashboards

By leveraging Cyberquery’s data visualization capability, users can create their own dashboards and assemble views from a library of pre-built KPIs.

Analyze Historic Performance

Cyberquery’s ability to access all of a Financial Institution’s databases, across multiple vendor applications, enables data aggregation and analysis.

Real-time Operational Reporting

Identify and address problems with immediate visibility into transactions as they occur.