Customer Success Story – PayComplete

Cyberquery saved PayComplete’s ERP implementation

by Steven Oakes


Charlie Sines of PayComplete spoke with me about the value of their Cyberquery implementation.

“Cyberquery saved our M3 ERP implementation by providing the complete reporting capabilities we needed. Access to live data instead of a one-day delay was a bonus.”

Fintech company, PayComplete, realized late into their Infor M3 ERP installation that the out of the box reporting solution they originally selected was not going to meet their business needs. Their team required a reporting solution that was intuitive for users, did not require a complex data warehouse, functioned well with Excel for both importing and exporting data, and could handle complex reports. The team was turning 11 divisions onto M3 on 3 continents with a remote team during Covid. Finding Cyberquery saved the ERP implementation. Within the first 3 days of training on Cyberquery, the team implemented 30 reports and was ready for their ERP go-live.

“The Cyberscience team is a pleasure to work with, and the product is very user friendly. After a couple of sessions our end users were able to create and run their own reports, giving them the independence and enablement we needed.”

The key features of Cyberquery that PayComplete has come to rely on are that it is both fast and easy to use. They rely on Cyberquery for operational reporting in their manufacturing plants. The speed of the software allows them to pull reports in real-time and not have to wait until the next day for results. This is very handy during month-end or year-end close as the company works to make targets such as shipments, receivables, and inventory.

The other main requirement was that the solution had to be easy to use. The team wanted the users to be able to pull their own data and make reports without complex data warehousing or relying on busy IT. Cyberquery is intuitive to use. It also has a predefined data dictionary for M3 allowing for direct access to the data without a data warehouse intermediate step.

In addition, the PayComplete team has complicated VAT reporting requirements that Cyberquery handled with ease. VAT calculations demand accuracy and reporting errors are not an option. The Cyberscience consultants helped with developing and automating the reports, making them accurate and consistent.

Another benefit of choosing Cyberquery is the quality of service. The Cyberscience consultants have deep knowledge of Cyberquery, ERP data structures, and business applications. The consensus from the PayComplete team is that Cyberscience is a pleasure to work with.

About PayComplete

PayComplete is the global leader in physical finance, dedicated to innovating self-service experiences and operations for both consumers and employees. Supporting retail, transportation and financial service customers, they create value by developing customizable software, devices and service solutions that reduce cost, eliminate risk, enhance productivity and improve the user experience.

If you have a need for a new business intelligence solution that provides benefits as Charlie describes, contact Cyberscience for a demo or test drive.  –

Author: Steven Oakes, Customer Accounts Manager at Cyberscience.