Customer Success Story – Boyd Corporation

Customer Success Story – Boyd Corporation

Customer Success Story – Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation Leverages Cyberquery – Improves Efficiencies and Business Insights 

by Rob Little


Steve Price of Boyd Corp. spoke with me about implementing Cyberquery and the benefits.

“Through our implementation of Cyberquery, we have saved over $500,000 in improved efficiencies over the past three years.”

Best in class manufacturing organizations are under increasing pressure to streamline their processes and cut overhead costs. Faced with these issues, Boyd Corporation, headquartered in Modesto, CA, selected Cyberquery as the  corporate business intelligence and report  writing solution.

Steve Price, IT Manager at Boyd stated, “Through our implementation of Cyberquery, we have saved over $500,000 in improved efficiencies over the past three years. And that’s being conservative.” Price went on to say, “The exceptional speed and ease of use of Cyberquery have made these savings possible. In addition, Cyberquery has empowered the organization’s leadership to make quality decisions. We are gaining previously unavailable business insight and our executive team is now able to make swift and informed decisions that were just not possible before we implemented Cyberquery.”

In one instance Cyberquery was used to create an accounts receivable (AR) information management solution for their corporate AR department. The return gained by this, after a two-day Cyberscience services engagement, was an annual saving of $90,000.

“Time saving initiatives such as this one has made a major impact on staff job satisfaction and morale.”

Boyd’s IT department has also integrated Cyberquery with the corporation’s ERP and CRM systems. Through Cyberquery’s  Webreporting, scheduling and built-in email functionality, all of Boyd’s customer shipment and tracking information is automatically emailed to each customer’s procurement team every day. “The shipment notification solution was created in only 2 hours. As a result of this successful initiative our account relationship management team has saved 4 man hours of telephone communications every single day. A remarkable return” stated Price. “Time saving initiatives such as this one has made a major impact on staff job satisfaction and morale”, Price added.

Another successful use of Cyberquery has been the distribution in real-time of key sales and margin information to the senior management team at Boyd. These matrices are generated on a scheduled basis through the Cyberquery  scheduling service, Qdirector. This facilitates fast and effective collaborative decision making.

Boyd Corporation’s requirements are not unique; all manufacturing organizations are under similar constraints and pressures to supply goods at lower costs with associated diminishing margins. By using Cyberquery, organizationsbcan improve efficiencies, cut costs, and gain useful business insight.

About Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation is the global market leader in custom fabricated sealing and energy management solutions. They supply innovative engineered solutions in the areas of environmental seals and gaskets, energy management, EMI shielding, acoustic and thermal insulation, shock and vibration absorption and bonding systems.

If you have a need for a new business intelligence solution that provides benefits as Steve describes, contact Cyberscience for a demo or test drive.  –

Author: Rob Little is a business partner of Cyberscience.

Customer Success Story – Tidewell

Customer Success Story – Tidewell

Customer Success Story – Tidewell

Cyberquery Delivers Beyond Expectations for Florida’s Largest Home Hospice & Palliative Care Oraganization

by Brad Jackson


Lou Freitas of Tidewell spoke with me about the value of their Cyberquery implementation.

“Cyberquery has already saved Tidewell over $180,000 and we expect to save another $360,000 once all reporting projects are up and functional. This labor savings equates to $540,000!”

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, organizations are pressured to deliver a better quality of care while at the same time minimize costs. Faced with these challenges, Tidewell Hospice, headquartered in Sarasota, FL, evaluated several business intelligence (BI) tools to better understand their data. After considering several products, Tidewell Hospice selected Cyberquery from Cyberscience Corporation as their organization-wide business intelligence and report writing solution.

“Our annual report to the Department of Elder Affairs on patient pain at admission was  dramatically improved in both accuracy and time savings.”

One of the first projects completed with  Cyberquery improved the pain management measurement of all Tidewell patients. With the existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) package, patient pain level could only be reported on the first pain assessment of the day. This process used to take multiple hours per month and is now automated. With Cyberquery, Tidewell now reports on pain management in real-time  throughout the patient’s care.

After a few months of using Cyberquery, Tidewell decided to utilize Cyberquery to measure patient costs more accurately. Tidewell uses Suncoast Solutions™ EMR and Sage MAS 500 accounting applications and needed data from both systems in order to accomplish this analysis. Tidewell accomplished its patient costing project by developing a system of Cyberquery reports which queries and exports financial and clinical data from both applications. It can now report against its patient costs at any time and schedule reports for distribution to key stakeholders. This additional insight into patient costs helps Tidewell maintain a high quality of care in light of Medicare reimbursement reductions.

Tidewell Hospice continues to explore ways to leverage Enterprise Cyberquery and complete future projects including:

    • Clinical and administrative productivity optimization to meet service area demands
    • Cost management for medications and supplies
    • Charitable community activity validation and management
    • Labor savings due to automation
    • Key Performance Indicator management

About Tidewell

Tidewell servers more than 1,200 patients a day in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties. Tidewell is one of the largest programs of its kind in the U.S. Home-based palliative care is the basic premise of the program, involving the support of physicians, registered nurses, social service counselors, home health aides and volunteers, all following a prescribed plan of care. Tidewell’s services are available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

If you have a need for a new business intelligence solution that provides benefits as Lou describes, contact Cyberscience for a demo or test drive.  –

Author: Brad Jackson, Business Development Manager at Cyberscience.

Customer Success Story – Tidewell

Customer Success Story – PayComplete

Customer Success Story – PayComplete

Cyberquery saved PayComplete’s ERP implementation

by Steven Oakes


Charlie Sines of PayComplete spoke with me about the value of their Cyberquery implementation.

“Cyberquery saved our M3 ERP implementation by providing the complete reporting capabilities we needed. Access to live data instead of a one-day delay was a bonus.”

Fintech company, PayComplete, realized late into their Infor M3 ERP installation that the out of the box reporting solution they originally selected was not going to meet their business needs. Their team required a reporting solution that was intuitive for users, did not require a complex data warehouse, functioned well with Excel for both importing and exporting data, and could handle complex reports. The team was turning 11 divisions onto M3 on 3 continents with a remote team during Covid. Finding Cyberquery saved the ERP implementation. Within the first 3 days of training on Cyberquery, the team implemented 30 reports and was ready for their ERP go-live.

“The Cyberscience team is a pleasure to work with, and the product is very user friendly. After a couple of sessions our end users were able to create and run their own reports, giving them the independence and enablement we needed.”

The key features of Cyberquery that PayComplete has come to rely on are that it is both fast and easy to use. They rely on Cyberquery for operational reporting in their manufacturing plants. The speed of the software allows them to pull reports in real-time and not have to wait until the next day for results. This is very handy during month-end or year-end close as the company works to make targets such as shipments, receivables, and inventory.

The other main requirement was that the solution had to be easy to use. The team wanted the users to be able to pull their own data and make reports without complex data warehousing or relying on busy IT. Cyberquery is intuitive to use. It also has a predefined data dictionary for M3 allowing for direct access to the data without a data warehouse intermediate step.

In addition, the PayComplete team has complicated VAT reporting requirements that Cyberquery handled with ease. VAT calculations demand accuracy and reporting errors are not an option. The Cyberscience consultants helped with developing and automating the reports, making them accurate and consistent.

Another benefit of choosing Cyberquery is the quality of service. The Cyberscience consultants have deep knowledge of Cyberquery, ERP data structures, and business applications. The consensus from the PayComplete team is that Cyberscience is a pleasure to work with.

About PayComplete

PayComplete is the global leader in physical finance, dedicated to innovating self-service experiences and operations for both consumers and employees. Supporting retail, transportation and financial service customers, they create value by developing customizable software, devices and service solutions that reduce cost, eliminate risk, enhance productivity and improve the user experience.

If you have a need for a new business intelligence solution that provides benefits as Charlie describes, contact Cyberscience for a demo or test drive.  –

Author: Steven Oakes, Customer Accounts Manager at Cyberscience.

New Service Announcement – Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI

New Service Announcement – Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI


New Service  – Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI

by Paul Engelbert

I am proud to announce the Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI by Cyberscience. This library of reports was developed over many years from helping manufacturing customers create reports and dashboards to run their businesses. The service ultimately saves customers time and improves their Cybequery experience.

The Customer Problem

There seems to be no end to the requests for reports. It can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited resources or are new to SyteLine/CSI. At Cyberscience, we understand the challenge. We have developed standard reports for the most commonly requested information used to manage a manufacturing organization.

The Cyberquery Report Library Solution

The Cyberquery Report Library is organized around departments/functional areas. It is a comprehensive group of 200+ reports that you can select the group of reports that you need. Consulting hours are included for adapting the report templates to your reporting environment for a smooth implementation.

Key Benefits Include

  • Leverage Cyberscience’s extensive experience in building reports and dashboards for SyteLine & CSI.
  • Customize existing reports and templates rather than building from scratch.
  • Deploys reports in less time and at less cost, with the ability to:
    • Use reports “as is” or modify to your particular business needs
    • Improve accuracy and consistency
    • Understand where reporting data resides in SyteLine & CSI
  • Operates with all versions of SyteLine and CSI (including Infor Cloud).
  • Ability to drill-down to account and transaction level
  • Customizable security by site and report

Contact us to find out if this service will be beneficial for your situation – or +1 303-745-3900.

Author: Paul Engelbert, Global Director of Professional Services at Cyberscience.

Customer Success Story – Boyd Corporation

Customer Success Story – Porter Pipe and Supply

Customer Success Story – Porter Pipe and Supply

Cyberquery Transcends Data Discovery at Porter Pipe

by Brad Jackson


Craig Costa and Stacey Pike of Porter Pipe and Supply spoke with me about implementing Cyberquery as they transitioned from their on prem ERP, Infor SX.e, to Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

“We are very excited to have found Cyberquery as our go forward data discovery platform. It is far exceeding our expectations!” Craig Costa – VP of Business Technology & Branch Operations

Porter Pipe and Supply is a wholesale distributor focused on the mechanical contracting segment in the Midwest. Porter Pipe needed a new application that could be deployed in lieu of their sunsetting analytics software as well as interface seamlessly with CloudSuite Distribution (CSD). It was a challenging time as they were upgrading from SX.e to CSD just a few months before year end.

The team used to query SX.e data in real-time and develop ad hoc reports with ease. As they evaluated different data analysis solutions, Cyberquery was the software that met their demanding requirements against CSD.

Within the cloud CSD environment, data is replicated in a Data Lake for analysis purposes. Porter Pipe uses Cyberquery to import data on a weekly basis. In addition, incremental daily and hourly updates occur automatically based on Porter Pipe’s unique data refresh requirements. The hourly update takes less than 5 minutes with no impact on the ERP performance. This gives them the near real-time access they need for critical data such as sales, accounts payable and the general ledger.

“Without a doubt, I love Cyberquery. It was easy to pick up and start creating reports and ad hoc analysis.” Stacey Pike – Business Intelligence Analyst

Pricing for distributors is one of the more challenging reporting areas. It is complex and highly competitive with direct impact on the bottom line. Porter Pipe’s pricing team needed reports to help manage prices and maintain price books. With the help of Cyberscience, multi-pass reporting and several calculated fields were leveraged to better understand price type and price level by all customers.

Annually Porter Pipe creates year-end review reports for their top customers and suppliers. These 5-10 page reports summarize sales, rebates, returns, savings, etc. It traditionally took 2 days to prepare one customer report. With Cyberquery the process now takes one day, resulting in a 50% productivity gain. The team is looking at further automating the process utilizing additional Cyberquery features.

Porter Pipe also highly values the support they receive from the Cyberscience Professional Services Group. The depth of knowledge and speed of response were two qualities they say stand out from the competition.

About Porter Pipe and Supply

Porter Pipe & Supply Co. serves the professional trade businesses as a wholesale supplier of commercial plumbing supplies, pipe, valves, and fittings, HVACR equipment, and industrial and mechanical products. Founded 1976, the family business has grown to 5 warehouses, 472,000 total sq ft stocking over 35,000 SKU’s. Porter Pipe is dedicated to saving our customers time, adding value to their business, and helping them build America.

If you have a need for a new business intelligence solution that provides benefits as Craig and Stacey describe, contact Cyberscience for a demo or test drive.  –

Author: Brad Jackson, Business Development Manager at Cyberscience.