New Service  – Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI

by Paul Engelbert

I am proud to announce the Cyberquery Report Library for SyteLine and CSI by Cyberscience. This library of reports was developed over many years from helping manufacturing customers create reports and dashboards to run their businesses. The service ultimately saves customers time and improves their Cybequery experience.

The Customer Problem

There seems to be no end to the requests for reports. It can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited resources or are new to SyteLine/CSI. At Cyberscience, we understand the challenge. We have developed standard reports for the most commonly requested information used to manage a manufacturing organization.

The Cyberquery Report Library Solution

The Cyberquery Report Library is organized around departments/functional areas. It is a comprehensive group of 200+ reports that you can select the group of reports that you need. Consulting hours are included for adapting the report templates to your reporting environment for a smooth implementation.

Key Benefits Include

  • Leverage Cyberscience’s extensive experience in building reports and dashboards for SyteLine & CSI.
  • Customize existing reports and templates rather than building from scratch.
  • Deploys reports in less time and at less cost, with the ability to:
    • Use reports “as is” or modify to your particular business needs
    • Improve accuracy and consistency
    • Understand where reporting data resides in SyteLine & CSI
  • Operates with all versions of SyteLine and CSI (including Infor Cloud).
  • Ability to drill-down to account and transaction level
  • Customizable security by site and report

Contact us to find out if this service will be beneficial for your situation – or +1 303-745-3900.

Author: Paul Engelbert, Global Director of Professional Services at Cyberscience.