New Service Announcement – Cyberquery Admin Program

New Service Announcement – Cyberquery Admin Program


New Service  – Cyberquery Admin Program

by Paul Engelbert

I am proud to announce the Cyberquery Admin Program by Cyberscience. This service was developed to enhance the value of customer’s Cyberquery installation by partnering with Cyberscience professionals. The service ultimately saves customers time and improves their Cybequery experience.

The Customer Problem

We hear it quite frequently that it is hard to find and keep good talent in today’s tight labor market. IT departments are stretched thin and are looking for creative ways to manage all priorities. The Cyberquery Admin Program allows customers to augment or outsource their Cyberquery administrative activities to Cyberscience.

The Cyberquery Admin Program Solution

With this service, knowledgeable Cyberscience personnel perform the routine maintenance and system optimization remotely for clients. The Cyberscience Professional Services Group, with an average tenure of 15 years, has deep knowledge of Cyberquery, Data Structures, Business Intelligence and Management Reporting thereby ensuring that the administrative duties will be done correctly and efficiently. Leveraging this, customers free up valuable internal resources to focus on other priorities, while keeping their Cyberquery system running optimally.

Key Services Include

  • Cyberquery Administration: Knowledgeable Cyberquery Administrators ensure your Cyberquery environment is running properly.
  • Dictionary Maintenance: The Cyberquery team will keep your dictionaries up to date. In some cases, they can leverage toolkits designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, they can add relationships to the dictionary, including derived fields.
  • System Optimization: The Cyberquery team will regularly review the system logs for any anomalies. The team will also review new queries initiated in the last month for optimal system usage. Our professionals will confer with you about odd-looking matters and establish a plan to investigate and remedy them appropriately.
  • Product Analysis: The service includes a review of recent Support tickets and Usage logs. We’ll provide advice where appropriate to enable you to get the greatest value possible from our software.

Contact us to find out if this service will be beneficial for your situation – or +1 303-745-3900.

Author: Paul Engelbert, Global Director of Professional Services at Cyberscience.