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Cyberquery for Healthcare

Cyberscience has over 30 of years of experience increasing the value of health information systems.

Cyberquery is a global, one-suite business intelligence solution providing reporting, analytics, and dashboards to support HIS applications, cloud and on-premise.

The healthcare industry continues to face external and internal challenges, and Cyberscience is here to help. There continues to be a growing and unprecedented amount of valuable data being collected, in HIS modules such as EMR, ADT, RCM and more. This information can be challenging to access in a timely fashion. Being able to access the specific operational and patient data when you need it helps improve care, saves time, and reduces costs.

Raw data is of little use in transactional form, but Cyberquery makes it possible to transform that data into meaningful, actionable information through the use of reports, analytics and data visualizations. With drill down capability to your underlying real-time data, you enable various functional areas inside and outside your systems to collaborate with your team members and partners. Cyberquery helps with the following healthcare information areas and more:

Organizational Management

Identify and address any critical problems to improve workflow.

Statutory Reporting

Meet government reporting requirements and initiatives via interfaces to your administrative, clinical, and financial system databases.

Patient Care

Facilitate the best care through timely information from across multiple applications.

Revenue Cycle Management

Minimize inaccurate, delayed or lost revenue collections.

Utilization Improvement

Gain the most efficient use of rooms, equipment and personnel.


Talk to us today to understand the full list of solutions and see why leading hospitals are using Cyberquery.

Cyberquery has solutions for the most popular HIS packages, including but not limited to: Cantata – Optimum RCM & Optimum General Financials | Cerner – Millennium, CommunityWorks & MS400 | CPSI – Centriq & Systems 2000 | DXC – i.PM & WebPAS | Epic Clarity | Epicor | EPOWERdoc EDIS | GE Centricity | Global Health ePAS | Healthcare Management Systems | Intersystems TrakCare | Infor Financials and Supply Management | Meditech | Phi Medical – PhyGeneSys | RLDatix Riskman | Sage MAS | TechnologyOne



Cyberquery has already saved Tidewell over $180,000 and we expect to save another

$360,000 once all reporting projects are up and functional. This labor savings equates to $540,00.

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Lou Freitas

Director of Information Technology, Tidewell Hospice