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Cyberquery for M3

Cyberquery has the depth of functionality required to provide the data analytics solution M3 users require to run their business. 

Cyberquery has the depth of functionality required to provide the insights you need to run your business, whether it is single-site, multi-site, multi-company, multi-country, whilst remaining easy to use and providing an outstanding ROI.

Cyberquery combines the power and security of a server-based reporting environment with a comprehensive meta-data layer to provide a highly productive report creation experience, as well as a secure and customizable view of all your data. With Cyberquery, your users gain genuine insight into the business within hours of installation. 


Cyberquery brings many benefits to M3 organizations, including:

  • Rich functionality enabling the creation of practically any report, chart, KPI, and dashboard.
  • Easy, fast, and intuitive development environment.
  • Support for multiple M3 company or M3 shared company environments.
  • The M3 Toolkit creates the Data Dictionary to include your customizations in the reporting environment and presents meaningful column headings in reports. It also creates an ‘End User’ viewpoint with the file and field names displayed in the screens for users not familiar with the M3 database structure.
  • The powerful Data Dictionary enables the creation of a simplified, user-friendly reporting environment, offering drag and drop reporting for non-IT people ensuring users see all the information they need, and only the information they need.
  • Cyberquery can combine data from multiple data sources. Users can easily combine M3 data with other applications and databases including ERPs, CRMs, Financial packages, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Reports, charts, KPIs and dashboards can be automatically distributed in the required formats, including HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, and JSON.
  • Cyberquery for Spreadsheets is an add-in for Excel that embeds multiple reports into a single workbook that includes input fields, Excel charts, and calculations. That means you can easily view your M3 data; and model, analyze, and share that information in an Excel environment.
  • Launchpad, our secure browser-based web portal, allows end users to easily find, view, run, modify, and subscribe to reports.
  • Our support team members average more than ten years working with Cyberquery within manufacturing environments and receive a 94% “excellent” rating from customers.

Join our Test Drive program and see for yourself that Cyberquery is the best solution for M3 – contact us for more information.

Cyberquery saved our M3 ERP implementation by providing the complete reporting capabilities we needed. Access to live data instead of a one-day delay was a bonus.    read more

Charlie Sines

SVP IT & Software Systems, PayComplete