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Cyberquery for Pharmaceutical

Cyberquery is the precise and meticulous business intelligence solution that pharmaceutical manufactures count on for their reporting and dashboard needs.

Pharmaceutical companies have demanding requirements of their business intelligence solution. Their batch and/or continuous production processes must meet strict quality and regulatory compliance while delivering high levels of on-time delivery and/or fill rates. Business intelligence solutions need to able to interface with the ERP(s) and with customers’ and suppliers’ information including lot traceability for quality compliance and a complete view of the supply chain. In the complex and regulated pharmaceutical industry utilizing powerful analytics software like Cyberquery is critical.

Data from your ERP, CRM, WMS, etc. is easily transformed into meaningful, actionable information using reports, analytics, and data visualizations. By combining data from all your valued systems, Cyberquery provides a holistic view of the business with drill down capability, allowing various functional areas to quickly make the critical decisions to keep the business running smoothly, safely, and profitably.

Cyberquery delivers value in the following areas and more:

Manage Trail Data

Import, export, and query large data sets with sub-second response time securely.

Lot Traceability

Track lot traceability including drill down capability.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory compliance requirements with accurate, timely and traceable reports.

Real-time Dashboards

Monitor utilization and productivity KPI’s in real-time for improved efficiency and on-time delivery metrics.

Reporting and Alerts

Increase understanding of variances and automate timely exception reporting.

Supplier Score Cards

Automate supplier score cards including the email distribution.


Ability to control security at the site, table, row, and even field value level.

The Data dictionary and file relationships capabilities within Cyberquery are powerful.

It allows us to add offline data to Cyberquery and create file relationships between

disparate data sources quickly and easily for a comprehensive view of the business.

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Chris Gaspardo

IT and Customer Service Manager, Pharmacal Health and Wellness Solutions