Customer Success Story – Pharmacal Health and Wellness Solutions

by Mike Main

Mitch Miller – Purchasing Manager and Chris Gaspardo – IT and Customer Service Manager, at Pharmacal Health and Wellness Solutions (Pharmacal), spoke with me about their experience with Cyberquery. Pharmacal is a privately held consumer goods manufacturer headquartered in Jackson, Wisconsin. With over 100 years of experience, the company has grown into a leader in the outdoor health and safety solutions sector. The business is complex as raw material is used in multiple products branded and private label with unique formulas along with fluctuating seasonal demand and servicing 1000’s of retailer customers. They needed a BI solution that could accommodate this complexity and provide early warning to supply chain issues.

“We depend on Cyberquery reports for consolidating customer requirements and managing orders with potential stock outages. Our teams can quickly get the data and initiate internal and external communication.” Mitch Miller

Pharmacal needed an efficient way to access, process and present the information to purchasing, production and customer service that would alert the team to potential stock outs allowing them to proactively work the supply chain. The Cyberquery data dictionary can create file relationship between disparate data including QAD 2014SE ERP, EDI and multiple excel tables allowing for a full end-to-end view of the supply chain – quote to cash.

Before implementing Cyberquery, Pharmacal staff spent many hours daily and monthly downloading ERP data and maintaining complex offline Excel reports while trying to understand inventory shortages which resulted in misses to customer due dates. Now with offline data “online” and relationships stored in the Cyberquery data dictionary, daily and monthly reports are refreshed automatically without manual manipulation. Also, with Cyberquery, they have implemented automated supplier emails, further streamlining the process.

“The data dictionary and file relationships capabilities within Cyberquery is powerful. It allows us to add offline data to Cyberquery and create file relationships between disparate data sources quickly and easily for a comprehensive view of the business.” Chris Gaspardo

The main benefits from implementing Cyberquery are that Pharmacal has saved money and time. They have been able to better manage their ERP user licenses, reduce time spent on ad hoc reporting, minimizing manually manipulating excel data, and maintaining off-line data. All of this while improving service levels.

Pharmacal’s next initiative with Cyberquery is automating supplier score cards that measure performance of delivery, price, quality, and cost savings. These metrics, OTD, PPV, receipt reject rate and cost savings initiatives are measured to goal, trended monthly and rolled up to a calculated supplier score shown on one score card.

About Pharmacal 

Pharmacal Health & Wellness Solutions is home to many well-known brands such as Potable Aqua, Sting-Eze, Baitmate, MG217, and vH Essentials as well as the official licensee of Coleman repellent and first aid products. Additionally, Pharmacal continues to expand its contract manufacturing portfolio.

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Author: Mike Main, Regional Manager at Cyberscience.