Customer Success Story – United Equipment Accessories

by Jim Maughan

Howard Samarin at United Equipment Accessories (UEA), spoke with me about their experience with Cyberquery and Cyberscience. UEA has been a Cyberquery user since 2015 when they implemented the SyteLine ERP from Infor.

“Cyberquery has given us insights into our ERP data much faster than relying on standard ERP reporting for making both short-term and long-term business decisions.”

One of the main features of Cyberquery that UEA has come to rely on is that it is both fast and easy to use. UEA values Cyberquery’s speed for developing and deploying reports as well as querying information. The team saves a lot of time creating reports in Cyberquery vs creating data views or form reports in their ERP system. They noted how Cyberquery easily handles all of their data including user defined tables and fields, and even tables and spreadsheets which are external to SyteLine. This has allowed the UEA team to generate both internal reports and external supplier and customer reports efficiently combining data from many sources.

“We can’t even imagine conducting business without Cyberscience and Cyberquery”

Their ERP Support Analyst designed an online pricing calculator for their customer service team using Cyberquery. The customer service agents develop quotes for custom engineered to order (ETO) parts based on labor and material costs. By having the automated form with up-to-date costing, customer service can provide a quote over the phone, immediately with confidence.

Another reason Howard and the rest of UEA can’t imagine conducting business without Cyberscience and Cyberquery is the Cyberscience service team. The Cyberscience consultants have a deep knowledge of Cyberquery, ERP data structures and business applications. UEA also noted the Cyberscience customer service team’s response time is “excellent.”

About UEA

United Equipment Accessories, based in Waverly, Iowa, engineers and manufactures custom slip rings, rotary unions, cable reels and shift controls. UEA’s products are used by equipment manufacturers in a wide variety of industries across the US and the world. Their ERP system is the Infor SyteLine/CSI ERP supporting their global engineered to order business.

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Author: Jim Maughan, BI Practice and Business Development Manager at Cyberscience. Jim has a passion for helping customers optimize their business intelligence and reporting capabilities.